See through me

    the trees fall inward,
the sky hangs heavy, and gluttonous,
ready to bleed naked

it’s six AM, and the truths of last night’s Sangria and Jameson,
squeeze unto my chest,
flummoxed by the arduous praxis of missed verbal keys,
and highlighted projected actions

I am lost in the commotion of the Long-ago,
of the little aches I know so well-
but your touch upon my knee startles my wake,
holding my gaze unto your frame,
puzzling over the taste of your lips

I wince at my vulnerability,
And pull back as the softening of my heart unravels

I am at your door,
turning the knob towards my escape,     leaving the image of you,
nestled softly,     between sheets and dreams

the crumpling of Forget-Me-Nots echo beneath my fleeting steps,
furthering the space between us

but in the dark, your fingers cradled mine,
the pressing of palm to palm, index to thumb, thumb to thumb
your hand sifting through the tangles, and twists of the strands of my hair-
parting a path of blue breezes, and unmapped caves

I am not a mystery shrouded by diversions, and ploys of amusement,
    just a girl, drifting from the depth of a beaten daisy-field,
learning, and re-learning of her actions done, and undone,
figuring where your light fits into my shadows

And so, I ask this of You,
forgive me for the words that cannot spill onto my tongue, but rather,
filter into your sight


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