No Rush

I have this mattress
that I believe you would weigh down nicely-
it invites me night,
after night, dissolving the roughened rime on my chest,
that has gathered all too quickly

my body’s scent roams unbound
filling every crevice of this bed
in pursuit of another fragrance to rub unto my skin


I wonder then of the concave arch of your belly,
the greeting of your steel navel onto mine,
your fingers drumming against the bones of my hips
an ache,
pounding within my thighs

I know of your hunger,
of the lion that rumbles in the dark,
awaiting patiently to let loose of a selfless love,

and I want to let you in,
uninhibited by the touch of laden ghosts

to take your lips between my teeth…
…filling our mouths with a deeper truth,
while our sweet oils flow harder…

taking you in
s l o w l y,
with every lick… nibble… and breath…

giving the birthmark on your fist,
each nail bed,
each eyelash,
each crimson polished toe,
the unreserved attention, and submission they deserve;
a low reverberating sigh stains my throat-

…six… more… months…